Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just Let It Happen.

Hey! All of you out there lurking!

Raise your hand if you ever seriously wonder what would happen if you just spontaneously snapped and did something bizarre, dangerous, spiteful, or ridiculous in the steps of your every day life. It could be something small, like wearing a "say something" tie to your otherwise bland office. Or it could be a spectacular melt-down, a la Michael Douglas in "Falling Down."

Sometimes, we all want to go a little postal--I guess it's our generation's stock in trade to be more creative, fun, and sensible in our choice of methods.

There are so many fabulous ways to totally freak out. "Going Postal" is so 1994. All of you are creative--what's the best way to melt down in the course of your everyday life? Post your ideas in the comments section of this post--I promise there will be a follow up.

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Perdida said...

I wish I had the guts to do something bizarre, dangerous, ridiculous, spiteful or whatever else. But, I'm too afraid, too fearful of risk to do it. So instead I sit and think about it, waiting never to act.

In the course of everyday life, the closest I get to a meltdown is getting drunk and honest midway through the day. But somehow I can't help thinking that that isn't good enough.